Thursday Morning Ladies

Our Thursday Morning Ladies' Golf Group is established with the pure motive of creating a golf group for women who like playing golf for enjoyment, want to experience camaraderie with new and old friends, and appreciate the play without an emphasis on competition. The Thursday Morning Ladies' Golf Group offers both 9 and 18 hole playing opportunities. Our tee time is at 9:00 am on Thursday mornings so we meet in the club house ready to play at 8:45. Our golf group plays mid-May through mid-September and alternates between the Champion Hill and Pinecroft Golf Courses. The cost of membership is $10.00 which applies toward our final luncheon and awards. Games are optional each week. After June 11th, all games will require a handicap. The cost of the game each week will be $2.00 with payout the following week. A "chip in" game will run all season requiring a 25 cent donation each week. Champion Hill and Pinecroft offer 10-play punch cards which will allow frequent golfers a money savings on their weekly greens and carts fees. For more information contact Jo Lathwell 231-882-1398, Sue Rae 269-420-9337 or Shellie at 231-882-9200.


2017 Schedule

May 18 CH 8:30
May 25 PC 9:00
June 1 CH 9:00
June 8 PC 9:00
June 15 CH 9:00
June 22 PC 9:00
June 29 CH 9:00
July 6 PC 9:00
July 13 CH 9:00
July 20 PC 9:00
July 27 CH 9:00
Aug 3 PC 9:00
Aug 10 CH 9:00
Aug 17 PC 9:00
Aug 24 CH 9:00
Aug 31 PC 9:30 Fun Day



Red Flag: 1 Best Ball
White Flag: 2 Best Ball
Blue Flag: 3 Best Ball
This is team event. Net Scores

One best ball hole #1, two BB hole #2, three BB hole #4 then alternate for all holes played.
This is team event. Net scores.

Individual scores. Points needed, before scoring game point, is determined by subtracting the player's handicap from 36. Example: 36-20(handicap)= 16 points which are needed. Tally total game points plus or minus over needed points.
Points awarded for each hole as follows:
Birdie: 4 Points
Par: 2 Points
Bogie: 1 point
Double Bogie: 0 Points
Triple Bogie or Higher: -1 Point

One best ball per hole. Each teammate must use 9 holes or 4 holes if playing only 9. Partners are a team.

Score only par 5's and par 3's.

Score only holes that start with the letters N,O,S,E: 1,6,7,8,9,11,16,17,18

Score par 4's only

All players drive. Team chooses best drive. That player plays own ball to the green. Net Score recorded. Remaining players play best ball and play regular scramble to the green. Their gross score is recorded. Add the two scores for the hole. Tally final scores for the team.